Macaronesia Films was born as a business initiative joint venture between NOSTROMO PICTURES, GRUPO MUR, SATOCAN, GERMÁN SUÁREZ INVESTMENTS, LANZATEIDE, LOPESAN and CONTACTEL. Being all leading companies of renowned prestige within their business areas, they now unite through this project in order to support and consolidate the audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands.


The promoting companies forming Macaronesia Films have plenty of years of experience investing and developing audiovisual productions in the area, with titles such as Grand Piano, Cómo sobrevivir a una despedida, Palmeras en la Nieve or Titan. It is precisely due to this ample knowledge acquired during these productions that this initiative arises. We identified the need to offer both to national and international producers, as well as to local entrepreneurs, a partner of reference that would enable them to make the most of the advantages of filming in the Canary Islands.


Macaronesia Films therefore was drawn to be a leading company in aiding any audiovisual productions developed within the Canaries, focusing mainly on national and international projects linked to film and television, offering services to all producers looking into filming in the area that need guidance structuring tax incentives as well as providing services involved during shooting.


On this note, the initiative’s base is also to open new opportunities to local businesses investing in audiovisual productions and that way taking in the existing tax incentives. To do this, we rely on highly qualified staff, with experience in the sector, allowing us to offer services that are guaranteed to be accurate and trustful.



The Canaries have unbiased advantages that position them as a strategic region in which to film in, and it is due to those, that this sector is becoming one of the main references when diversifying the economy in the Islands.


During past years, a vast number of cinematographic productions have been drawn here, as well as documentary films, tv series, ad spots or musical videoclips just to name some examples of a reality that is not coincidental and therefore manifests companies’ interests in shooting in the Canary Islands.


The main factor for the consolidation of the industry in the area is the tax incentives policy existing for such audiovisual productions, positioning the Canaries in a highly competitive place, but worth mentioning as prime factors too are climate advantages, landscapes and qualified staff in the Islands.


In order to emphasise the importance of the aforementioned tax incentives we must know that for every national production filmed within the Islands, the Spanish Government gives back in incentives around 38% of the total production cost. In the case of international productions willing to contract services offered by local producers or businesses, the tax incentive would be equivalent to 35% of the amount spent in Canarian territory, being this a major and undeniable advantage compared to other geographical areas.