At Macaronesia Films we are specialized in everything you need for your production. We offer tailor-made services for every budget with material and technical equipment that cover all needs.
Locations, permits, casting, camera, lights, grip, dit, art, set building, transports, make-up and wardrobe caravans, bathroom trucks, generator sets, water tank, production material, remote work systems, SFX, scene vehicles and everything that is needed for production.

We are always working on R&D and since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic we have also specialized in remote work processes with the country of origin of each production. We make available to each client the use of these systems for pre-production and filming, covering all phases of work with connections in the technical location, casting with director, callbacks, costume try-outs, visits to see art or filming vehicles, intercom, signal through a professional platform on filming days for clients ….. Everything so that each production, show, event or content is covered with the necessary means and equipment.

We are also very conscientious with the environment and always ensure that the environmental impact of each production is minimal (See example of remote filming with 80% less carbon footprint).

We are specialists in the analysis and development of tax incentives for the audiovisual sector in the Canary Islands

We have an experience of more than 15 Spanish and international audiovisual projects, providing services to producers, institutions and investors in the financing of audiovisual works.

The Canary Islands have a special tax regime according to Spanish state regulations, and also to the Directives of the European Union, which allow generating the following incentives for the audiovisual sector:


1. Certificate of Nationality.
2. Cultural test.
3. Canarian Audiovisual Production Certificate.
4. Minimum shooting between 11 and 18 days in the Canary Islands, depending on the overall budget of the project.

Spanish films.- In the case of national productions produced in the Canary Islands, a deduction of up to 54% will be generated for the first million euros, and 45% from the second million onwards, with a limit of 18 million Euros.

Foreign Films (service) .- International productions that occur in the Canary Islands may obtain a refund (tax rebate) of up to 54% on the first million euros and 45% from the second million onwards of the expenses directly executed in the Islands with a limit of 18 million euros.


1. Registration at the Ministry of Culture of Spain.
2. Eligible expenses: creative staff (up to 100,000 euros when their residence is within the European Economic Area); technical suppliers.
3. Minimum expenditure: 1,000,000 euros.

We have the Streaming service available to all our clients.
We can shoot sequences, spots, content or any audiovisual format remotely connected to the country of origin.
In the event of any limitation due to the pandemic, and in the future, we are at your disposal to work on any production design that requires the use of this technology.

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